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Sure Bet

Sure Bets or arbitration have one goal - bringing you to the guaranteed benefit, using the difference in coefficients for a single event in the various sportsbooks. There is no way to get a Sure Bet if the odds of the event is using only one bookmaker. This ensures 100% waste of money. However, using the difference in rates in different bookmakers, that guaranteed loss, may be a guaranteed profit. There will be no matter how the even will end, you just know that will win.


For more accurate understanding of the concept of a Sure Bet let's use tennis match.

Rafael Nadal vs Nikolay Davydenko

Let Bookmaker A offers a 1.10 coef. of Nadal and 8.00 for Davydenko

Let Bookmaker B offers a 1.20 coef. of Nadal and 5.00 for Davydenko

For Sure Bets we need to get the highest rates of both bookies, in our case from Bookmaker A we have to bet for Davydenko on coef. 8.00 and from Bookmaker A we have to bet for Nadal on coef. 1.20

So we want to win € 1000 of this event, how can we do this?

The question is very simple we just have to divide each coef. on 1000. So It turns out that we have to bet €125 on coef. 8.00 in Bookmaker A and €833.33 on coef. 1.20 in Bookmaker B and our total bet will be €958.33. So no matter who win Nadal or Davydenko we will win €1000 and net profit will be €41.67.

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